Freitag, 28. September 2012


Here are some pictures , some are from Mona, because she has her mobilephone everytime with her and can make pics.

Sweet´s! Starbar is with peanuts, yummie!!!

This is a yogurt, but it´s really thick, not liquid!

Coffee like a boss. I wanted to make just a cup of coffee.


Mona and I in the mathcamp.


Internet in the train

Mona and a great cookie:


Montag, 24. September 2012


It´s me , again!
I´m fine by the way:-)
It is september, what means that my birthday is not far away!
Yeah, 17!!!

But it´s bad to celebrating my birthday without my friends and family too.
I lose my headphones, which is quite bad.
I think they are in the school, but i´m not sure yet.
We want to drive to Joensuu, to go shopping.
That is so great.
Soon are the fallholidays, which means that we are driving to Lappland.
One week in the nature.
At school, we will have a new schoolperiod, but there are not quite more lessons, which are exchange student friendly.
This means that the lessons are in Finnish and that´s difficult for Mona and me.
So we try to choose some lessons without Finnish or less.
For example: Arts, Sport, German, English...
My Finnish is getting better and better and my English too.
Sometimes i´m watching Glee or Grey´s Anatomy in English, it helps me a lot.

Dienstag, 4. September 2012


This is for Conny!
I know that she like it :-)

Easy A- best ever


Over 330 people see my blog.
I want to say "thank´s" to all of you.
So many are fantastic.
Kiitos from Finland :-)

Montag, 3. September 2012


This is for the last month, so it can be longer :-)
Up till now, everything is great here.
The school and my family is also great.
I was in the German course with my teacher at the neighbor school today.
Quite funny, we were also on a "Flohmarkt".
It just disturbs me that it rains all time.
There was even a power failure today.
My Finnish improves from day to day.
I can already form small sentenes.
I don´t know, if they are right, but everybody understands what i mean.
It gets more darker outside, which means that the winter gets closer.
One notice by the way is also the temperature.
I need new boots in November.
From Friday until Saturday, i will be in a math camp.
In which hardly anything is done with math there.
I write my first exam in math tomorrow and i´m a little bit afraid about that.
I found some friends at school, they are all friendly.
We maybe sit together and play cards :-)
The food at school is normal, i think the food at home is better.
My mum can cook great.

Pulla- some kind of sweet rolls.

Sauna is fantastic.
I went to Sauna nearly everyday.
I went fishing two times.
At the first time, i fished 12.
At the second time just 3.
But i like it and it will be getting better.
Reto (dog) is jumping everytime into the lake and swims around, then he comes out and is shaking.
That is not to great :-)


You can find lots of blueberry´s here.

They are so amazing, like Fazer :-)
If had eat something from Fazer, you will eat it everyday.:-)

I think that´s enough.
PS: sorry for my bad English.