Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

No topic :-)

Today, I´m 4 weeks in Finland, that´s great.
I like Finland, it is different, but cool.
The icecream is so fantastic, i could eat it every day:-)
And thanks to my friend Mona.
She is a big fan of KPOP-Music (Big Bang ...).
I don´t like this music, but i have to listen to it everyday, so i must like it.
I´m not a computerfreak, sorry, if the pictures are on the wrong place :-)

Normal ice vs. Salmiakki 


Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

New things

Hello or Moi from Finland!!!
I´m sitting here in the school and try to write this blog :-)
Yeah, the computer is in finnish, that is a little bit difficult for me, but i can learn to use it correctly!
Now i´m 3 weeks in Finland.
It is a long time, but i don´t think that it is so long.
The time is going by and that really fast.
I don´t know what i can write, maybe i will start with my town/village.
Yeah, i´m living in a really small town in the middle-east of Finland.
Now we have a little bit over 2000 people here.
There a now 2 more(not for ever, because we are just exchange students).
We have many trees and lakes :-), two supermarkets, a church and a school, i think that´s all(sorry, if i forget something).
The school is cool, in Germany there are 30 people in one class, now we have 18 in 3 classes together.
We have a room just for us with a couch, computers and so on.
In the computerroom there are the best computers i ever used in my live.
The whole school is very modern.
We have a free meal per day to.
Now im in the computerroom and i´m listening to music :-)
But i just can do this, because i have some freelessons yet.
The finnish food is not bad, i think it´s nearly the same like in Germany.
Before my flight to Finland, i was searching in the internet for typical finnish food and many people write there, that the food is bad or terrible, but i think that´s normal.
There are some things, which a so great.
Cakes for example:-)
But it s bad for my body too.
Too much sugar in some weeks :-)
That´s all , till the next!!!


Donnerstag, 16. August 2012


Sorry that you have to wait 2 weeks, but here i am:-)
First of all, i´m in Finland.
Everything was perfect, the flight was okay (my ears don´t liked it) and my luggage was with me too.
I loved the camp, maybe the food was not so interesting but the people.
I meet so many people, which i known before and someone not.
At Saturday, the family camed to pick me up.
I was so nevous, but now, i can laugh about it :-)
The trip was very long, we drived more than 4 hours in the car.
Now i´m here in the house with a great family.
The school is okay too, maybe it is not the same like in Germany, but i like it.
My schedule is great and the people too.
We also have a free meal, that´s great.
I will write soon, because i don´t have so much time yet.