Freitag, 30. November 2012


Wow, over 1020 visitors, my page is very popular!!!
I´m so happy :-)
Mona is sitting next to me and is chatting with kakaotalk (?), she things that this is very funny! Aha!!!...
We are listening to One Direction!!!! <3

Sonntag, 25. November 2012


Good morning!

I´m very tired.
I visited Mona at the weekend, from Friday to Monday(today).
We watched many movies like "Hungergames", "Sucker Punch" and "Wild Child" and some others.
Last weekend was the "Joensuuweekend".
We went to the university and the cinema with the school.
I had to buy some shoes and i found some in the city.
I´m so proud :-)
Mona is next weekend in my house, so we change the houses.
We want to bake some cookies and cook something.
But i hope  that this would be better than the noodles at this weekend.
Now, we are all laying at the couch and trying to sleep a little bit.
I think, all people from the lukio are suffering from to less sleep :-)
Me too...
Ahhh, we watched at Thursday "Bridget Jones 2".
It was so funny,we watched the first movie the week before.
I think this is all, for now :-)

Samstag, 10. November 2012

My Sister!

I think my sister is great in cooking/backing stuff, so here a some pictures of that things.
I hope that she want to have a blog too :-)


Hot chocolate with cream

Profiterole with strawberry, citron quark and chocolate cream filling


Cranberry...something...meringue...something...cup cake...with...mulled wine...

Chocolate-gingerbread cup cake with melted chocolate inside

Dienstag, 6. November 2012


I just wanted to write something, so i write about my own change in this 3 past month´s.
  1. I think that i see everything a little bit more important, we just have one life and we have to enjoy it :-)
  2. I know (maybe) how important friends and the family are.
  3. Mona says that i´m not so shy like in the beginning.
  4. I like to play biliard and knit a lot.
  5. The nature is beautiful (normally i don´t like to go out, but now)
  6. I´m using youtube much more ( Mona showed me some KPop music and so i have to watch "Music Monday")
  7. You can find friends, even if you can not speak their language!
There are so much  things, but i don´t want to write so much.
It´s snowing now and it´s not ending, but my sister said that it´s getting more and more till 1-2 meters :-O
And i think that i´m losing against Mona in biliard,but that is not so baaaaaadddd :-(
My sister is singing "Katzenklo" the whole day, which is a little bit annoying, but she stopped singing the "Marshmallowsong" so......
I think that i understand more and more finnish, but i can not speak it very well,maybe some words or little sentences/questions.
There are some other students with the same situation,so i´m not alone :-)
That´s all !!!!

Samstag, 3. November 2012

Time is running!

Now, I´m three month´s in Finland.
That is fantastic, but the time is running very fast.
It´s like two or four weeks for me, but on the calender it´s three month´s!
My sister baked muffins today, they are delicious :-)
It was a kinda problem, because we forgot how long they were in the oven, so they burned a little bit on the top, but the oven is bad, that is a reason too :-)

There are just 51 days till christmas.
I love christmas so much ....!!!!
Mona showed me, how to make "fröbel- stars", now it´s like a drug for me, i have to make them the whole time :-)
The only thing you really need is paper, that´s all, maybe you need  sisscors too.
I knit a lot too, so i have many things to do :-)

Bye bye