Donnerstag, 27. Dezember 2012


Sorry for let you wait so long, but...Christmas!!!
It was lots of  food so far for me.
I feel like i´m a ball :-)
I got many presents.

Some books and dvd´s, a necklace, shoes, body butter, body spray, an iPod, earrings, some sweets and teacup´s.
I tried to bake a cake again,but there are always not like i want them :-(
This time, it was a cherry cake, but it´s more like a brownie or cookie!

Next year will be a year without my bakingskills.
I don´t know why, maybe it´s just me ?!?!
Ahh, and i´m ill now,my nose is killing me !
We have still lots of snow in Finland and i think, it´s getting more and more.
Now i´m missing Starbucks and some german shops.
But i´m not really homesick, i´m just a little bit afraid of going to my old school in summer again!

It will be more difficult for me and i have to learn the "real" german again.
There are still 6 months left and want to enjoy them!

Bye bye and have a happy new year/Onnellista uutta vuotta!

PS: A big SORRY for the One Direction pictures and gif´s, but i´m a Directioner (deal with it :-D)

Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

Last school day for 2012!!!

Today was my last school day for this year 2012!
There are just a few days left til christmas!
I don´t know what i will get, i´m so excited!!!
Please this, but not for my cat. This is so awsome!!!!

We went to the church today and had a brunch in the cafeteria.
It´s very cold outside, around -20°C.
Brrr, sooooo coldddd....
I want to make a gingerbreadhouse today and tomorrow.
I hope that this would be great.
My sister is now in Kuopio and tries to shop the last presents for christmas.
I couldn´t go with her, because the has to buy some presents for me too.
But she promise that we would go shopping after christmas together!
At Sunday we are decorating the chistmas tree and clean the whole house.
This is a kinda family tradition.
I wish you all a happy christmas.
Hyvää Joulua!
Fröhliche Weihnachten!
I will write between christmas and new years eve again!!!

Dienstag, 18. Dezember 2012


I´m back and i´m totaly tired!
It was a very, very long weekend for me.
I was in Helsinki and in Tallinn.

Tallinn is a beautiful city but a little bit deserted.
We had lots of time to go shopping and to see the city.
This was very great for us.

But first of all from the beginning!
Mona and I left our hometown on Friday and we drove to kuopio.
There we went shopping for some hours and than we tooked the train to helsinki.
We needed more than 4 hours with the train.
Such a long time!!!!
We went shopping in Helsinki again and in the evening, we drove to Jenny.
We attend the fairy at the Saturday morning.
We had to sit on the floor, because there were no chairs or something like this.
We sleept in a hotel, it was not that great,but i had a bed.

There was also a dinner in the evening and the restaurant looked very expensive.
At Suday,we tooked the the fairy back to helsinki.
The way back washorrible for all of us, because all of us were kinda sleepy.
I went shopping with Mona in Helsinki at Monday too.
I have no money anymore but i also havn´t buy many things.
We ate some sushi, it was so delicious.

Helsinki is a very full city, with many people.
The trainback was boring and soooo long.
We sat in the trainfor allmost 5 hours. :-(
I´m still tired and at the end of one's tether.
But all in all, it was a good trip!
Sorry for my english  grammar!

Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

Light out!

Today was a black out day in the school, which means that there was no energie for around 3 hours.
It was funny and crazy, because it was dark outside and inside.
We can´t see in the lessons,so we just talk a little bit .
After this, we wanted to go to the computer and there was no internet and a annoying sound from the firealarm.

And it had snowed in the night, so wonderful :-)
What a day!

Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Hey you!Yeah you!!!

Yesterday, we went icefishing.
 A hole!

The water looks so nice :-)


A fish, we get 4 of them!

It was pretty cold, but it´s winter!!!
It´s snowing and snowing, and snowing... all the time.
The Independence Day was a kinda normal day for me.
My sister cooked something for us and it was very delicous.

Mittwoch, 5. Dezember 2012

Hey, ho!

It´s pretty well here. We have around -15° C and some snow (10cm)
It's very cold in Finland. Tomorrow is Independence Day, and that's why I have no school. There is not that much on this day, maybe some special food.

My mom also sent me a homemade advent calendar, which is totally cool. 

 Mona was here last weekend and we had baked a lot of biscuits. Oh, we also cooked, but it was a little distaster. Soon i´m going back to Helsinki and then also to Tallinn. I'm looking forward.

And shortly after that we have Christmas again

This year , Santa Claus is much closer, but who believes in Santa Claus?

To all who wish to take a gap year in Finland, go buy warm clothing! It is getting very cold.

Greetings fom Finland