Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

New stuff!

Oh, my God, how long I have not written something?
I apologize for the long break.
But to be quite honest, I had not found the time to write something.
Tomorrow we have a free day and it is already Easter.
Tuesday and Wednesday I go to Oulu.
I'm looking forward so much.

My packages are thankfully arrived and when I opened it,it was amazing.
I saw nearly just chocolate.
I wonder who is going to eat all that?
Mona was on Monday up to Wednesday morning with me, because my sister had visited my brother and so a bed was free (well, that was not the real reason).
I had dyed Mona´s hair, which was pretty exhausting.

She has very long hair.
We made Sushi and a cake​​.
On Monday I had cooked Königsberg meatballs-and they did not taste so bad.
I have a cold again, what bothers me quite much.
My throat hurts, I'm coughing and my nose runs.

My whole family is already annoyed , I can understand that.
Hopefully it goes by quickly.
But here is probably a flu around.
So I will lay me the next day on my bed and watch True Blood on my laptop and take chocolateand as well  tea.
After my trip to Oulu there is something new  to hear from me.

Donnerstag, 21. März 2013


Sorry that i  forgot to post Mona´s blogger address-link!
There you can find the german "accent TAG" version and some other things about Mona and me :-)

Mittwoch, 20. März 2013


Oh my God, I've seen the Northern Lights on Sunday.
I think whole  Finland has seen it.
I wanted to take a picture, but there was nothing to see on the pictures.
Nothing, just a black screen.

In the whole week will probably be a chance to see the Northern Lights.
Soon is also Easter, I have unfortunately not received  packages yet, but if it's there, you will know about it of course :-)
In addition I make a video with Mona  and she will also visit me from Monday to Wednesday.

Yes, we want to make sushi, and do other things.

To the weather conditions ( it´s like a weather studio :-)): It is usually cold in the morning around -15 to -25 degrees, in the  noon it gets warmer, usually around -10, as the sun comes out.
I run well for quite some time around here with sunglasses, because you could get "snow blind" in fact of the snow.
Mona is back again and had to tell stories.

She'll probably talk a lot about it the whole week.
And here are some questions, which i will answer.

Question 1: Can you ski?
If I am be honest, I do not drive really good at skiing.
My PE teacher said I would be  for the beginning pretty good at skiing.
In my opinion, I'm very bad.
I can not last long on the boards and fall down often.
Mona would probably teach me downhill.
I'll report  :-)

Question 2: What subjects do you have in school?
I currently have PE, art, English, Finnish, cooking and Health Sciences
This sound a little, but except for Art & Sport and cooking, I have other subjects every day.
We choose the subjects for which we can understand the most.

Question 3: Have you ever been in Lapland?
Yes, I have been to Lapland.
Specifically, in October.
I was in Inari, which is pretty much in the north of Finland.
It has also been noticed that it was near the top, because it was cold and the first snow already lay.
I found it very beautiful there and  would sometimes like to do it again :-)

Donnerstag, 14. März 2013


Yesterday it was snowing heavily again.
I wonder when this stops?
Do not get me wrong, I like the snow very much and I also knew when I came to Finland that therewill be a lot of snow in the winter , but it is way too much for me.
I had my first snow here in early October.
But by Christmas, the snow was not much higher than 15cm.
In the new year there was also snow that's enough about the knees.
Today is bright sunshine, which really surprised me.

The weather changes very often and it's not even April.
Easter is soon and I'm looking forward to it.
I do not know much about the Finnish Easter traditions.
Mämmi yes I know already, but it seems they are not searching for brightly painted eggs.
But in the supermarkets you can already find a lot eastersweets, the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs, just not colored eggs.
Mona is still in Lapland,I've still heard nothing from her.
According to the plan of YFU, she is now going skiing.
She has seen babies Husky and reindeers.
Let's see what she will tell me , she wanted to bring me something.
It's just strange to be sitting here at school without Mona.
I'm hoping that the snow melts after Easter, because then we had a more than 6 months of winter.
Anyway it is good that the temperatures remain lately under  -15 degrees.
My mother has today sent the last packet for me , and probably a lot of chocolate bars should be hidden in it.

I am so excited, I really wanted to not have to eat so many sweets, but I can probably do nothing against  it.
I will jogging back on Monday again, because my toe is still injured and I did not want to avoid unnecessary stress.

Dienstag, 12. März 2013

Mid-Stay Seminar of YFU

I'm back again from Jyväskylä.
I was there because of the Mid-Stay seminar of YFU.
On Saturday morning I  went there with Mona by bus.
When we were driving just 5 minutes, we noticed both that I had forgotten my poster.

We should write down  our year abroad in Finland so far.
I  also had forgotten my cell phone, my brush, my sunglasses and my shower gel and departure times for my bus for the way back.
In Kuopio, we had to change our bus ride and we were then driving again about 3 hours.
At the station in Jyväskylä we had met up with another exchangestudents.
From there we were then driven to the hostel.
We had small houses with either 4 or 7 people.
We were divided into groups and had small workshops where we had talked about our year and what we could improve, or perhaps change.
There were also 5 meals.
It was very cold and when we had to go into the main building, we always were half frozen.
On monday, it was for me back again.
40 people went to Lapland, including Mona.
The others were again drove back to the station.
From there I wait 5 hours.
So I made my way and even found the city to go shopping.
By 7 clock in the evening I was at home, and then  there was Mämmi.
With ice cream!

Mämmi is actually not bad, it's just getting used to.
Without ice cream, or cream you can not really eat it.
But I like it actually.
After Easter, it's for me for almost 2 days to Oulu.
I am looking forward to it, maybe I'll go with my sister into a movie.
Next week, Mona is back again.

Freitag, 8. März 2013

Kuopio and my bad toe :-)

Sorry that you had to wait so long, but now I'm writing again.
On Tuesday I was with Mona in Kuopio.
There we had eaten sushi and drank a delicious chai latte.

My sushiplate
Too much wasabi :-)
Well, but it can not to beat the one in Tallinn.
I found shoes and even sunglasses.
I do not have some here.  

Don´t know why I had not brought some from home
I've also now added a plush carrot of Ikea.
Mona has found a dress that looks pretty good.

Actually I wanted to go jogging again today, but I've hurt myself on a toe and the first need to heal until I can go jogging on, so there is now only a Zumba workout.
Yesterday I baked healthy banana muffins with oats and because I had to do nothing more , I had baked a Eierschecke.
Either because there was too much butter or in the custard too much milk, but when I cut the cake, came to meet me half of the middle.
But it must have tasted good, I'm supposed to bake it again.

Montag, 4. März 2013

My iPod pics!

Here are some pictures from my iPod.
Most of them are a little bit older.
Also, i have now my holiday´s, so great!!!
Baking with Mona.
This was our rainbow-dough for the cake and the muffins.

Cardgames and a gigantic muffin.
That was in the school.

Bowling with Mona and my sister(not in the picture).
It was a little bit dark in this hall,sorry for the bad quality :-)

The ski-paradies in Nilsiä.
You have so much snow and a spa, bowlinghall, pool and a hotel.
This hill was so big :-)

My fathers birthdaycake.
On top are those berries, which are not really my favorite, but they are typical for finland!
They are called lakkaberries.

My selfmade, heartshaped philadelphia-cheese-cake.
Some days before valentinesday.

Strawberries and blueberries with milk.
You eat them the hole year.
They were frozen.

Mona in school with her laptop.
If you can see the big ghosts in the background, i made them for halloween, but nobody wanted to put them away :-)

And this is me.
With my blue hair.
Now my hair is mint and grey,such a bad colour :-)

Freitag, 1. März 2013

15 Punkte über Finnland

Ich dachte mir,dass ich mal wieder in deutsch schreiben wollte.
Ist nicht ganz so einfach, da meine Rechtschreibung in den letzten Monaten leiden musste.
Also, hier geht es um die Punkte, die mir in den letzten 7 Monaten aufgefallen sind.
Manche habe ich schon einmal erwähnt, manche sind aber auch neu.

1)Kaugummi wird hier dein bester Freund. Es vergeht fast kein Tag, an dem du kein Kaugummi kaust.
Die Finnen sind regelrecht süchtig danach. Ob nach oder vor dem Essen, zu jeder Tageszeit.

2)Die Finnen sind Freunde der wenigen Worte. Wenn sie nur sehr kurz auf eine Frage antworten sollte man sich auf keinen Fall darüber wundern.

3)Keine Ahnung, ob das nur in meiner Familie so ist, doch in der Nachweihnachtszeit werden Tonnen an Orangen gekauft.Die Supermärkt werfen sie dir auch billig hinterher :-)

4)Finnland ist das Land der Vielkaffeetrinker. Morgens, Mittags und Abends wird der Kaffee hier, meist stark, getrunken. Doch Starbucks ist hier nicht vertreten, da die Finnen den normalen Kaffee ohne viel drum und dran bevorzugen.

5)60 Grad in der Sauna. Oh Gott, ist das kalt! Ihr werdet jetzt denken, die hat doch wohl einen Knall, doch 60 Grad sind wirklich ziemlich kalt. Es wird erst richtig gemütlich bei ca. 85-90 Grad.

6)Sportunterricht im Schnee ist total normal. Es können auch -20 Grad sein, der Sportunterricht wird trotzdem draußen abgehalten.

7)Im Winter gehören zu den gängigen Sportarten im Unterricht: Ski fahren, Schlitten fahren, Schlittschuh fahren und Eishockey spielen.

8)Fisch ist ein Hauptnahrungsmittel.Ich habe mal in meinem Tagebuch nachgezählt (ich würde wirklich empfehlen, ein Tagebuch im Auslandsjahr zu führen, egal wie kindisch das auch sein mag) und ich hatte 10 Mal Fisch im Februar gegessen, dass ist fast jeden 2. Tag!

9)Es dauert hier wirklich lange, bis die Bücher ins Finnische übersetzt werden, darum kann man gut Bücher aus dem Englischen finden.

10)Du kannst hier wirklich keine kurzen Hosen im Winter finden, noch nicht mal Sporthosen.
11)Die Gema gibt es hier nicht :-)

12)Meiner Meinung nach, bist du hier ziemlich von den Nachrichten der Welt abgeschirmt. Meist laufen in den Nachrichten nur regionale Themen (kann aber in den Großstädten wie Helsinki oder Rovaniemi auch anders sein).

13)In den Schulen wird immer nur mit Bleistift geschrieben, bei einem Füller schauen sie dich hier komisch an.

14)Wenn man mal um die 3 verschiedene Brotsorten im Haus hat, ist das schon wenig. Meist hat man um die 5 (Toast, was eigentlich nicht Toast genannt werden darf, Graubrot,Roggenbrot,Knäckebrot und dann vielleicht noch eins mit Körnern).

15)Wenn du hier mal Spätzle kochst, wird höchstwahrscheinlich noch nach Kartoffeln, Nudeln oder Reis gefragt.Nudeln als Hauptspeise sind nicht typisch und werden dann, egal wie lecker, nicht gemocht.

Ich denke,dass dies so ziemlich Alles ist, was mir so zu diesem Thema eingefallen ist.
Es gibt noch viele andere Sachen, aber würde ich die aufzählen müsste ich noch Morgen hier sitzen.
Trotzdem ist Finnland noch ein schönes Land, das zwar nicht dicht besiedelt ist, aber immer noch viel Natur zu bieten hat (naja, manchmal nervt mich die tolle Natur auch ziemlich).