Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013


I wanted to write something about the typical finnish food.
Maybe you will know some things, maybe not.
I will try to explain them :-)

Little purple or blue berry.
Sweet/sour, mostly eaten with milk or/and sugar.
Good for baking and jelly.

Ice cream, vanilla with salmiak.
The taste is a bit salty and very new (for me).
I think you just can get this in Finland.

You eat this little cakes just at the 5th of february.
It´s with pieces of gingerbread, almonds, also with jelly and sugar on the top.

 Lakumix (Panda)
A mix of different types of licorice.
Also with a little bit chocolate.
If you like licorice, this will be your favorite.
You can also buy it in many variations.

A kind ofopen dumplings made of rye flour and filled with salty rice pudding.
You can eat it with butter or cheese, or finnish with eggbutter.

I hope you liked  it  and learned a little bit, or not :-)
These are just a few things, later, i will explain some more (first i have to eat them and made a picture).

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