Dienstag, 19. Februar 2013


On Saturday I was with my sister and with Mona in Nilsia swimming and bowling.
Where we were in a large resort with hotel and spa.
Once again it was a surprise to see so many people in one spot. The last time I had something like this in Helsinki.
When we were bowling my sister had won, even that i was the best at the start.
I was called not Franzi on the scoreboard,it was Transi.
Why they  have a problem with my name, is still a mystery to me. Either my name is Fransi or Franci, there were also times Frannsi or Framsi, now there were Transi,and next something completely new.

When we were swimming and in a health-sauna , there is not only normal steam, there is steam with oils and flavors that will keep you healthy.
Generally, it is usual in Finland, if you go to the pool to go to the sauna.
After bowling and swimming, we were at Hesburger.
Hesburger the Finnish answer to McDonalds.
It is minimally more expensive, but it tastes even better(for me).
In addition I had after 6 months for the first time eaten Mayonnaise.

I did not think you can miss so much, even though I had eaten them in Germany almost never.
On Sunday, my host father had birthday and there was once again a level cake from my sister.
It was a white chocolate cake with cream and Lakkaberry´s, which are very typical for Finland.
I will really not like these berries, but well.
They have not the disgusting taste, but they have seeds and that bothers me.
Yesterday, I am once again on a diet.
As an exchange student you automatically eat more and more, because you want to try them all, or because the new sweets that you get to know are so incredibly delicious.

 I would like to lose a few pounds,so have not roll back to Germany.
In Finland, it is also usual, to buy milk products without lactose, so I already have a lactose intolerance.
So to all who make a year abroad in Finland, you certainly trained to a lactose intolerance or just goes to lactose free products out of the way.
That was everything til now from the cold Finland!

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