Montag, 25. Februar 2013

One week and i will have holiday´s :-)

The snow is still here and it has also changed nothing.
But spring comes slowly to Finland.

This week there will probably be even 6 degrees.
I'm not so sure when I last had such temperatures here.
Maybe at the end of September, but I´m not sure.The sun shines again and I had used yesterday for running.
Mona and I are not so much depressed anymore,it is probably the weather.
There is only one week left until the holidays.
I believe they call this ski vacation, I would call it spring break, but it is likely that at Easter also added a couple of days.
I am happy just the fact that I and my sister and Mona then go for shopping to Kuopio.

There we want to buy some clothes, eat sushi, maybe drink a cup of coffee and
visit Ikea .
If you drive here in the city, it's always a big deal, because you do not come off so many times here.
On Saturday and Sunday I will have my Mid-stay-meeting from YFU in Jyväskylä.
I've never been in Jyväskylä, I just drove through by the train.
There will then be a few familiar faces and some who I had not seen incredibly long.

 I'm looking forward to a few people.
Most of them then directly go to Lapland.
Unfortunately, I'm going back home and have to go to school without Mona.
But it's only a week, that will not be so bad.
You will hear from me!

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