Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

-30 degrees are not to much :-)

Here are now some news again.
If you look out from the school window, you can see that it is snowing heavily.
Going out, however, a drop falling on your head, because it is too warm for the snow.
If you believe the Finns, the winter was pretty okay, a little bit snow (that in my opinion is almost too much) and also not so cold (-30 degrees is not too much :-D).
I'm curious to see what's happening during the holidays.
I also want to cook again, I had cooked last weekend  stuffed peppers with rice, my only problem is I do not know what should I cook.

Must think about something .
My mother had also written, which was really great.
Unfortunately, there are only 4 months here in Finland.
On one hand I am looking forward to my family and friends, delicious german food and my old bed.
But on the other hand, I will miss the free WLAN in school, the good Finnish food, the 0% milk, my host family, Mona and the Finnish school system.

But I really should not think about this.
Well, that only thing I want now only , is heat (so no more snow, even if it´s so beautiful), new shoes for my sister's graduation and holidays, so I can sleep longer.
I think that it is not too much.
During the holidays, I'll probably crochet, do sports, read and watch True Blood, because unfortunately I have no more episodes of Walking Dead.

Friday I'll write you again :-)

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