Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

The last 6 months in Finland!

I thought I'd write again (sorry, many words from now).
As I write now for some more time, I make time to look back the last 6 months here in Finland.
Some will think  that I am copying some ideas , but I really wanted to make it even longer.
I just did not have the time.

The camp
This is in my school :-)
My way to school !!!

Arrival in Finland.
Saw the other students fromYFU (in my opinion we are 68).
First Finnish learning trials.
Move to the host family, with a very nerve-wracking start :-) (I was so nervous on the day)
House and surroundings inquire.
First day of school and again meet with Mona, after nearly 8 years.:-)
Schoolmates to know and first trip into the next town.

The N and the Z are missing, so M and C!

In the forest

(Organized by the school) Math Camp
First time in Helsinki and Joensuu
Lake fishing (got a lot of fish)

Present from one of my best fiends

Presents from my mum


My 17th Birthday (first time without family or party with friends, still many gifts from Germany).
Autumn holidays and holidays in Lapland.
With the first snow, and a meeting with the reindeer and Christmas Country


More snow and the sun

I visited for the first time Mona and we had not done anything productive.
Visit the University of Joensuu, with overnight stay .
New warm boots for the cold and long Finnish winter.
I cooked for the first time.

The food in Tallinn

Sushi in Helsinki
x-mas tree
Mona was with me and together we baked Christmas cookies.
From my mother, there was an advent calendar, with lots of great things.
This was my first time on a lake and  ice fishing.
I was with YFU in Tallinn and  had also visited Helsinki again.
My first sushi in Finland.
My first Christmas without my family in Germany, but there were lots of presents (how do I get it all back again?)
My first New Year's Eve without my family and celebration.

Muffins with Mona
New year 2013, hopefully a great year.
Back to school after the holidays.
First time -30 degrees in my life (it was not so cold as I always thought)
First ski run and ice run in physical education.
Mona was back with me and we had to bake as well as cook.
The school lunches are too boring.
I did the first time the saunafire.

At the February, I can not write much, because this is not over yet.
At the weekend I was shopping with my mum and my sister and also swimming  in Iisalmi.
I thought by the chlorine is at least the color out of my hair, it happened unfortunately nothing.
Tomorrow the oldest from the Lukio be thrown out.
They will dress up all and we will do some fun things with them.
Soon then springholidays are also, at the beginning of March.
  I think that's now time enough :-)
With Mona

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